Marquis Yachts

720 Tri-Deck

This Marquis 720 is an expansive and substantial vessel. It offers opulent living accommodations on three separate decks providing the owners and their guests with a widely variable selection of living and entertaining environments. The Marquis 720 salon will likely be the place for social gatherings and evening dining. The adjacent gourmet galley and serving center is situated on the same floor level as the salon. This is a feature that is difficult to find in other brands of yachts but certain to be appreciated by those considering the Marquis 720.

720 Fly-Bridge

The 720 Fly Bridge reflects contemporary European design influence envisioned by Valentina Zannier of Venice, Italy. Ms. Zannier has directed the interior layout, design, and fine detailing of several recently built mega yachts. Her yacht design expertise is evident throughout this dramatic new Marquis.

660 Sport Yacht

Marquis is pleased to unveil the exciting 660 Sport Yacht, which boasts a design pedigree developed from the creative minds of the Marquis design team. This breathtaking sport yacht carries the distinctive profile and integrated interior layout that makes Marquis Sport Yachts a symbol of prestige throughout the world.

500 Sport Yacht

The 500 Sport Yacht is a recent creation from the American Marquis yacht yard. Every last detail has been scrutinized to reflect Marquis Yacht’s outstanding reputation for obsessive attention to design detail and unmatched yacht construction quality. This is a very special vessel.


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